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Lucy Diamond

The moon and the stars, that’s all for you. Just take a look up above, those lights, they dance for you.

This was Tim speaking; his back leaned up against a tree.

You know that feeling you get when your heart starts beating really fast but you are not afraid because it’s not like a heart attack. But I mean, it’s a rush of adrenaline that you can feel in your hands and your feet, in your fingers and your lips. That’s the feeling you give me.

Tim was twirling around a rose.

It’s so weird how nature works, you know? We basically are nature. If you think about it, we recycle like nature. Of course we don’t start off from the ground but we go into the ground some way or another, than it’s a recycling process.

It’s been two year since he sat on that very ground, next to the yellow daisies that blossom every spring.

We are atoms; we are made up of the same thing that makes up those stars that dance for us in the night. The stars are in us, we are the stars…. Or were the stars at least. Sometimes I wonder how long it takes for us to become a star again or part of a planet, or part of space itself. Everything around us is alive. You will always be alive Lucy.

He put a rose next to her headstone. The headstone read: Lucy Donald May 12 1990 to June 8 2012.

I always wondered why you liked The Beatles song, kind like you were born to like it, like you always knew, subconsciously that you were going to be a diamond in the sky. You’re defiantly my diamond. And I miss the twinkle in your eyes when you would smile… But now I just look up in the sky and see the same twinkle every night and I know that’s you.

You are up there dancing with the stars and as much as I’d like to hold your hand and kiss your forehead, I know you’re having fun up there… Where ever there is…. I just hope you save a dance for me.

The night fell silent but he knew he was in company of the girl that stole his heart.

Save a dance for me.

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Life is all but a…..

Life is fucking scary, I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s fun and exciting and nerve-wracking and sad, wrapped up all in one… But life is fucking scary. It’s like that long dark hallway you walk to get to a destination, you don’t know what will pop out or what will be at the end.

The fear starts when you start becoming an adult and the high school is done and the college is done and you are left with a student loan to pay back and some weird credential to take over the world in some field. You lay awake at night wondering what’s next.  What is next?

The real world is next, finding that ‘job’ is next. Once you find that job, you need to find that person, that special person to a share that moment with.

Now that is the hard part, that’s the part that makes everyone wonder.. Will my life consist of eating nutella by myself forever? Or with someone I love?

Life is such a crazy thing because you don’t know where it’s going, or what plans it has for you. It’s like the longest and worst trick ever played. You wonder and wait and hope something good comes out at the end of it, but what is the end? When do you know you have hit the point of your goal?

I wish life was not as confusing or hard or even had hallways with many doors and turns but that’s what life is about. If life was easy than it would suck, it would be terribly boring… As Frank Sinatra put it, “That’s Life”.

Sometimes I like to look up in the stars and wonder if perhaps ‘the one’ or ‘my one’ is looking back. I know it sounds cheesy but I need some type of hope. I need to hope that there is a person out there made for me, that will help me through life and I help them. I wonder if I bumped into them already and didn’t realize it? Or if they bumped into me? There must be something to my adventure called life.

When will you get your answers to all your questions? The answer to that is probably never. But I am sure if you look close enough, if you actually pay attention, you will notice life gives you small clues along the way. But the world is so use to ‘right now’; they are used to hints that are more obvious… That’s not how life plays.

As like us, we are all different, with different personalities and different quirks and different ideas with a different take on the world. Life is the same way; life is different for everyone with different hints and a different goal at the end.

Perhaps nothing happens for a reason, or perhaps everything happens for a reason but what’s for certain is that life is guiding us and all we have to do is pay attention to the road signs.

Never look back, look forward, find those hints, smile, wonder, and question.

Carry on and live.

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Everything & Nothing came to end, I Am Everything blossomed, and now, now change is among us. I am nothing, I am everything, everything and nothing… is change.

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There’s a change a’ comin. Can you feel it?
IAMEVERYTHING turned 5 today. It’s been 5 years of blogging and meeting new friends. 5 years of pictures and words. After 5 years should I hang it up? Is this the end?